We prepare and prosecute patent applications… and we do more.

Domestic Patents

Our patent attorneys are experienced in working with clients in establishing and executing patent approaches and strategies that are consistent with the clients’ business objectives. Among these approaches and strategies are developing product-centric patent filing approaches for offensive or defensive purposes, prosecuting high-value patent applications for monetization purposes, and developing effective invention disclosure programs. We also provide hands-on in-house patent training for technical and non-technical personnel so that clients can understand the patent process and recognize opportunities to leverage patents in achieving company goals.

In addition to helping clients develop internal IPs, we assist clients in identifying and procuring third party patents that may increase market barriers for competitors, improve the client’s cross-licensing position to counter-claim in an infringement suit, or provide a source of revenue for the client.

Foreign Patents

We provide patent services globally through a network of high quality associates in foreign countries throughout the world. Through these associates, we procure foreign patent rights while ensuring that the foreign patent prosecution strategies and approaches are consistent with our clients’ US patent objectives. Through ongoing planning and collaboration efforts, help establish global patent strategies to enhance the value of our clients’ IP rights.