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Trademark Related Services

Branding Strategy: Our experienced attorneys will work with your marketing and business personnel to develop a global branding strategy. This process familiarizes us with our clients’ businesses and enables us to provide high quality and cost effective legal advice.

Trademark Search: We procure trademark/trade name clearance searches to ensure that client trademarks do not interfere with existing third party rights.  We evaluate the results of such searches and counsel our clients as to whether their trademarks can be registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Registration: We work according to a client’s branding strategy and assist in procuring trademark registrations in the United States.  We file trademark applications for our clients and negotiate the appropriate registrations with the USPTO.

Foreign Registration: We assist our clients in acquiring world-wide trademark registrations and in maintaining registrations through our network of foreign associates.  We also assist our clients in trademark opposition proceedings in foreign countries.

Licensing of trademarks: We assist our clients in negotiating and drafting trademark license agreements.


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